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Sackler Consignment Offered by Sotheby’s

     The chance to sell art and objects from the collection of Arthur M. Sackler — the psychiatrist and philanthropist who became one of the leading art collectors in the United States — presents an ideal marketing opportunity for … Continue reading

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A Career Woman’s Short but Sweet Career in the 17th Century

“Why have there been no great women artists?”   Leyster was not a great artist as compared to the artists Rembrandt and other select comemporaries; however, before her marriage to the painter Jan Miense Molenaer she managed to have an … Continue reading

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What makes a person become an Art Collector?

What makes an art collector start collecting art? Does he/she just wake up one day and decide today is the day they are going to start collecting art? Are they born with a built in passion for the Fine Arts? … Continue reading

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Unsolved Mysteries of Matisse the Austere

  “Bathers By a River” Answers to the historical questions surrounding the mystique of Matisse’s painting “The Bathers” are being sought by the curators and conservators at the Art Institute of Chicago. Historians knew that Matisse had worked on the … Continue reading

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Intensely Hued Flowers of Summer by Christina Madden

With summer bringing us bounteous fields of blooms, it is nice to have those flowers indoors with us  year round. Christina Madden, the Multimedia Artist,  has made this possible with her “Florals Collection”. These Florals are available as Giclee Prints … Continue reading

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