Elaine Frenett’s Sublime Works of Art

Elaine’s “stylized representational” watercolor work is expressed/characterized with dynamically juicy, abstract darks accompanied by delicate attention to detail. Predominantly transparent pigments mingle with occasional wax crayon, gouache or found objects depicting nature’s story or a hidden story. With value exaggeration and color invention Frenett crafts her own expression and emotional response.

Here are some samples of her exceptional skills as a professional artist:

This one is one of my favorites:
Cowboy’s Sunday Shadows

Cowboyfinal72 Several beautiful days spent in the Gold Country of California gave Elaine Frenett the inspiration she needed for this Columbia corral and cowboy.

You can almost hear the birds and smell the dust in the air.

This is just beautiful!

TropicalBlossom72 Tropical Blossom I feel like I am stepping into Paradise when I view this!

The vision for this painting came from a tropical trip Elaine was on.

Upon her arrival, this was her first view of the ocean.

The multi-talented Elaine Frenett also offers lithographic prints. Below is a sample of her work.

Aspen Leaves lithographic print by Elaine Frenett

Aspen Leaves lithographic print by Elaine Frenett

Aspen Leaves Inspired by Elaine’s trip to Colorado
For more information on this artist and her work, please visit her website and blog at:

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3 Responses to Elaine Frenett’s Sublime Works of Art

  1. ryansdrew says:

    I love the play of light and dark in Sunday Shadows. Quite dramatic!

  2. Elaine has some of the most striking floral paintings I’ve ever seen…she really knows how to play color, shape, and shadow together. More of her work is shown on her website.

    Love it!

  3. Wanda Pepin says:

    Elaine is the most technically advanced watercolorist I know. Amazing transparency and vibrancy of color. Check out her work on her website. Amazing!

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