What makes a person become an Art Collector?

What makes an art collector start collecting art? Does he/she just wake up one day and decide today is the day they are going to start collecting art? Are they born with a built in passion for the Fine Arts? Well these questions and more are expanded on in an ongoing series of  interviews (on the Sour Harvest Blog) with actual Art Collectors from all walks of life …read more

"Dearly Departed" by Ana Bagayan

"Dearly Departed" by Ana Bagayan


About Art Collecting and Investment

Providing news about art collectors, collections and investments. Including the how to's, the why's and the where's of art collecting. Wanda Pepin, Christina Madden and Elaine Frenett are all professional artists who keep up on the world of art, while creating amazing works of art themselves.
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3 Responses to What makes a person become an Art Collector?

  1. Thanks for this article, it provided insider’s view on the way art collectors think – something I’ve been looking for a while.

  2. Nelly says:


    I ts really interesting know the view of art collectors.

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