Inspirational Words

“To all you creative spirits … In an email newsletter from the artist, Rod MacIver.  This time it was lengthy but, I loved this paragraph and thought, perhaps that it could sooth your soul and reflect back how wonderful and challanging it is to be us.  But, that we just wouldn’t/couldn’t change who we are.  Hope you enjoy “….Elaine Frenett

Inspirational Words from Rod MacIver

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“I’m not sure what it was — the dunking in one of the two rivers, or maybe both — but as I paddled down that beautiful river in the rain and then the sun, I began to see in my mind’s eye a new approach to Heron Dance. What is it like to try to create a work of beauty, of love in this culture, and sometimes succeed and sometimes fail? What is it like to live life on your own terms, to live a life of passion rather than financial security? What are the ups and downs like? What is it like to move back and forth between a deeply satisfying, meaningful life and total discouragement? What is it like to be an artist and a writer and deal with indifference bordering on hostility one day and positive feedback bordering on adulation another? You need your center of balance inside yourself, for one thing. You need a deep friendship with yourself.”  – Rod MacIver  of Heron’s Dance Pause For Beauty


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Providing news about art collectors, collections and investments. Including the how to's, the why's and the where's of art collecting. Wanda Pepin, Christina Madden and Elaine Frenett are all professional artists who keep up on the world of art, while creating amazing works of art themselves.
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