Does Autumn inspire you? Well it does Artist, Elaine Frenett!

What do you think of, when you think of Autumn?

Does it bring pictures to mind of colorful trees, falling leaves, cooler, crisper weather? The beauty of  Fall brings inspiration to many people. One of these people is the Artist Elaine Frenett.

Elaine Frenett’s Limited Edition Giclees  feature Autumn at her best!

Wine Country Autumn by Elaine Frenett

Wine Country Autumn by Elaine Frenett

Elaine tells us about her painting….. Wine County Autumn– “The time spent in the dreamy world of a wine valley wove this image into my imagination.  I plucked the vision of the vines traveling along paths to the back lit home and color filled, autumn trees and sunset, hazy background from my memory and married it to a photo I’d taken of this unusual rock wall.” -Elaine Frenett

Aspen Leaves by Elaine Frenett

Aspen Leaves by Elaine Frenett

Elaine Frenett explains her inspiration for her limited edition Lithograph print …..

Aspen Leaves “Remembering my Colorado experience, I came across an old photo of an aspen grove I used to see in Whiskey Grove/Park near Steamboat Springs.  The long slender trunks, topped with the glorious golden was mystical against the dark forest.  Since my favorite tree IS the aspen, I wanted to honor the symmetric quaking leaves that so add character to this tree.  And thus, the cascading, colorful threesome developed along the right side with just enough room for an autumn breeze between.” -Elaine Frenett

You can view more of Elaine artwork at her personal website: Elaine Frenett of Aspen Light Studio

Or visit her interesting blog at

Elaine Frenett’s Limited Edition Prints are for sale on please click here.

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