Update on Artist Wanda Pepin’s upcoming Art Show In San Francisco’s Artist’s Alley


Autumn River by Wanda Pepin

Autumn River by Wanda Pepin

Update to our Blog Article dated 10 August 2009:

“Upcoming October Showing for Wanda Pepin at The Artist’s Alley in San Francisco!!”

Artist Wanda Johnson Pepin’s Art Show entitled “AUTUMN TEXTURES” will be held at

The Artists Alley in San Francisco on October 1, 2009

from 11 AM till 8 PM.

Please come out and enjoy this showing of one of America’s outstanding Artists.

Wanda  Pépin (formerly Wanda Johnson) is a professional  internationally collected artist
who paints primarily with a palette knife. She lives and  works from her studio in Southern Oregon. She is primarily a self-taught artist with an extensive background in graphic arts and marketing.

This show, “AUTUMN TEXTURES”, explores all types of texture and styles from traditional to contemporary, landscapes to closeups of bark and leaves.

Wanda’s inspirations for these paintings come from her love of Autumn ,which is her favorite season. She loves the colors, trees exploding with color ,and the  texture of the leaves as is evidenced by her Art.

Traditional Autumn Landscape by Wanda Pepin

Traditional Autumn Landscape by Wanda Pepin


Colors of Autumn by Wanda Pepin

Colors of Autumn by Wanda Pepin

The web address for Wanda’s  Artists Alley Gallery is  http://www.theartistsalley.com/gallery/218


The Artists Alley, in Downtown San Francisco, is one of the largest galleries of Californian artists. A tour of the 4000 sq feet Gallery will help you experience not only the essence of Californian fine art but works from visiting artists from across the world. The exhibit features fifty artists and is as eclectic as the countries they represent.
Hours : 11am To 7pm Daily (Mon Closed)
For a MAP please click here!!

To  learn more about this artist and see more of her work check out her personal website  click here: Wanda Pepin’s Personal Website



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