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Contact: The Artists Alley  San Francisco, CA



Wanda Pepin to be the Featured Artist at The Artists Alley in San Francisco, Opening Night is October 1, 2009

Jacksonville, OR, August 24, 2009:  Oregon-based artist, Wanda Pepin presents Autumn Textures, a continuation of her exploration of texture, styles and finishes through acrylic and a variety of acrylic media.  Wanda Pepin is the featured artist for her show, Autumn Textures, in Downtown San Francisco at The Artists Alley, a fine art gallery, located at 863 Mission St. (between 4th and 5th Sts) San Francisco, CA.. The opening will be held on Thursday, October 1, 2009 from 11 A.M. till 8 P.M. This show explores all types of texture and styles from traditional and contemporary landscapes to close-ups of bark and leaves.

Wanda Pepin has become known for her vibrant paintings depicting the simple wonders of nature. Autumn is her favorite season and this show enthusiastically showcases her passion for it. Trees exploding with vivacious color, closeups revealing the texture of leaves and bark, generous paint application, creative design plus the many diversities of the autumn landscape all come together to comprise a visually stimulating collection.

“Colors of Autumn “, a painting that will be on display at the show, depicts a tree at the height of autumn. With perfect symmetry, the branches reach towards heaven covered with a divine glossy bark that begs to be touched, to be explored.  Painted against a viridian green background with brilliant red, yellow and orange leaves displays the tree’s awesome beauty to perfection. This painting is a prime example of Wanda’s Pepin’s unique style of painting and are a celebration of life on canvas!

Colors of Autumn by Wanda Pepin

Colors of Autumn by Wanda Pepin

Wanda Pepin is a professional, internationally collected artist who paints primarily with a palette knife. She lives and works from her studio in Southern Oregon .Over the years, she has fine tuned her style and the technique she uses is recognized as uniquely her own. Many of her paintings have been sold all over the world, and are held in private collections in Cyprus, Australia, England, Canada, Mexico, etc. Her paintings have enjoyed a steady increase in value. They are not only an incredible addition to one’s art collection; they are also a solid financial investment. Prices of her paintings have increased every year, for example a 16” x 20” painting that sold for $300 three years ago is worth $1250 today!

Wanda Pepin’s Artwork can be seen online at her personal website Please visit at or Wanda Pepin’s Art Gallery at The Artists Alley of San Francisco’s Website at


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