Norman Rockwell exhibit coming to DAI

Dayton Daily News. By Meredith Moss, Staff Writer.  Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DAYTON — Norman Rockwell, best-known for his “Saturday Evening Post” magazine covers depicting life in small town America, will be featured in a traveling exhibit that will come to the Dayton Art Institute in 2011.

“American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwell,” organized by the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Mass., will be here Nov. 12, 2011, through Feb. 5, 2012.

norman rockwell normanrockwell2 normanrockwell3

“American Chronicles is an opportunity not only to experience the work of America’s master illustrator, it is the chance to revisit ideas of America itself,” DAI director Jan Driesbach said.

The opinion of the  DAI director is not necessarily that of other art lovers, as is witnessed by some of the comments following the online article.  I myself have always love Norman Rockwell. I feel his paintings have always  depicted warm human scenes, some serious, some humorous. I feel an affinity with his artwork and the memories of my own childhood.

Below is a sampling  of some of the comments following the article:

  • I’m with Deb. I love his paintings, they make me feel peaceful. I love other art, but I do love his. I have several reproductions. I think people should be open to all art. If we all like the same thing, it would be boring.
  • If Jan really wants to pull in the crowds, how about an all-you-can-eat buffet? That will surely appeal to the proles who will flock to see this cr@p. Let’s hope she throws in a couple of “velvet Elvis” paintings, too. Read “Norman Rockwell: the underside of innocence” and you’ll find this quote: “Rockwell’s nostalgic and sentimental borrowings from Dutch art do not elevate his work but rather confirm its standing as commercialized, formulaic kitsch.” Your turn.
  • This will be a wonderful exhibit. Art is what you appreciate, not what others tell you to appreciate. Rockwell was a wonderful artist.
  • Fine art has boundaries and Rockwell is way outside them. Ask any fine arts professional about Rockwell and watch the eyes roll. I’m a big supporter of the arts financially and Rockwell is kitsch at best. Answer me this: outside of his namesake museum, how many times have you ever seen a Rockwell in a museum? The answer is none.




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One Response to Norman Rockwell exhibit coming to DAI

  1. Wanda Pepin says:

    Directors Spielberg and Lucas are avid collectors of Rockwell. I think they are great story tellers and Rockwell’s art definitely tells a story. Must be a connection.

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