Importance of art in one’s life

7.11.2009 | Author: Sophia Lazarri | Posted in Photography

Aesthetic sense sets a man apart from other living creatures. Let’s take the personalization of that living space which one lovingly calls a ‘home’. This magic word symbolizes security and the luxury of rest. Little wonder that people love to personalize this space to give it an aura of warmth and comfort. This could be in the choice of furniture, curtains, wall paint and wall art. Wall art in the form of painted canvases becomes a very important part of a home decor as they are ideal to cover many a bare wall and convey an elegance and sophistication in and aesthetic form. The choice of this art could add that personal signature to the walls and transform it from a normal house to an inviting home.

Canvas Art paintings which are arguably the best forms of wall arts have a plethora of themes. They could be traditional art, modern art, contemporary art or abstract art which could symbolize objects like nature, emotion and even politics. The symbolism could be pretty much straight forward as in a landscape or still life or could have an abstract concept. Let’s discuss each of these styles.

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  1. kseverny says:

    interesting thoughts. i agree totally

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