Evolving from a Art Buyer to an Art Collector

Posted November 27.2009 . The Collectible Blog.

The difference between someone who collects art with the discriminating eye of an art lover and an art buyer is profound. It might be compared to the difference between someone who buys and sells cars for a living and a collector of vintage and fine automobiles. The word “buyer” is pivotal and making that distinction. It is true that you as an art collector do from time to time buy art. And it is true that you can purchase a fine piece of art and after some period of time, you may find yourself selling it for a significant profit.

So the investment side of art collection is real and cannot be denied. But the first major difference between a buyer and collector is the investment value of a piece of art you wish to add to your collation is not the primary motivation you may have for making that purchase decision. But there are other significant modes of behavior a true collector will exhibit that set him or her apart from a person who buys art simply for monetary purposes.

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One Response to Evolving from a Art Buyer to an Art Collector

  1. louismajors says:

    Art movement being launched in Asheville NC by a group of artists from around the country.
    Teaser promo for them here:

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