Why Investing in Original Art is a Good Idea

By Max Viskov. Ezine @rticles.

Today’s stock market is like a roller coaster; banks are going bankrupt; people are losing their homes and their retirement accounts. Therefore, it is difficult to decide how to invest what money you do have. You want something that is a safe investment, but you want to make a return on your investment as well. In addition, you may think your home or office needs a new look. Perhaps the walls look a little drab?

Believe it or not, you can solve both problems with one purchase. Original art is a good investment, and it improves the looks of your home or office. As you might guess, it is a good idea to buy art that you actually like. You will want to display the art work in your home or office, and so it should be something you will be proud of and enjoy looking at every day. Therefore, even though you want to purchase art that is likely to increase in value, you should also make sure you are a fan of that particular piece of art. Also, it is a good idea to realize that art is not a particularly liquid investment. Unlike stocks, you cannot just make a quick call to your broker to sell a painting or sculpture.

So art is not something you want to invest all your money in. However, it can still be an enjoyable, money-making investment. And art is certainly more interesting than stocks and bonds! Even though it is difficult to know exactly how large a return any investment will yield, art is even harder to measure. You are not likely to run across the Mona Lisa for sale! However, if you purchase art produced by a reasonably well-known artist, you are likely to see at least some return after a few years. In any event, there is no reason to expect you won’t at least get your investment back. While art is not something you would want to bet your retirement fund on, it is a fun, worthwhile investment.

It is difficult to measure the possible returns, but you are likely to make at least some money. Also, you are making your home or office look better. In today’s economic times, art may be a good option for at least some of your investments. It is definitely more interesting, and less volatile, than the stock market, and you may even find yourself with a new hobby!

For your browsing pleasure, listed below are some of my favorite  original artists websites:

WANDA PEPIN-  http://www.wandawonders.com

ELAINE FRENETT- http://www.elainefrenett.com/index.html

CHRISTINA MADDEN- http://christinamadden.com/




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