How to build an art collection

Nigel Thomas. Art Collector’ s Notes. 30 December 2009.

Why buy art ?
Have you ever asked your self this question ? Now here are some good reasons why you should buy art !

Art Is For Enjoyment.
Art Enhances Your Environment.
Art Makes a Statement.
Art Can Be An Investment.
Art Enriches Your Life.
Art Makes An Impression.

Here are some tips on how Art Can Be An Investment!

Art can pay good returns, but usually takes time ard rarely happens overnight. If you’re hoping to make a quick profit, art will not be the right avenue for you. There are investors, of course, who like to put their money in art. They do this for two main reasons: aesthetic (emotional) as well as financial benefits. Art is one of those peculiar investments which you can actually both admire and enjoy. And the adventure of researching and hunting down a desired piece of art can be as much fun as owning it! Many art collectors enjoy combing galleries, websites, auctions and even flea markets in pursuit of their passion.
Profiting from the sale of a find becomes a bonus. The promise of both pleasure and profit from art certainly adds to the appeal of art collecting.

Here are some tips on how to build anart collection !
Tips on Art Collecting:




About Art Collecting and Investment

Providing news about art collectors, collections and investments. Including the how to's, the why's and the where's of art collecting. Wanda Pepin, Christina Madden and Elaine Frenett are all professional artists who keep up on the world of art, while creating amazing works of art themselves.
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2 Responses to How to build an art collection

  1. kseverny says:

    art collecters do more than that.
    They preseve and restore history

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