Birdman’s Guide to Buying Art Online

Canvas Art. Posted January 2nd, 2010 by Admin

Some of the reasons for buying art online:

These days you can see just about every style of art there is to be seen online in the comfort of your own home or office. This saves you a tremendous amount of time where you don’t have to go walk around a huge gallery, drive a long distance and end up looking at art that you have no idea who painted it, what materials they used, etc. You’ll be surprised how many people just love art and are not experts on techniques, painters’ names or styles. Another benefit to buying art online is the fact that at most online galleries, you will get a short biography on the artist who painted the piece as well as the and their style & price. What if you have a question that isn’t answered at the online gallery you’re viewing? Well in the real world, sometimes finding someone to help answer your questions can take you a tremendous amount of time & there are even times when you won’t find anyone who can help you at all. When you browse online galleries you generally have the option to email the artist directly and then you can have your answer within minutes- depending on how busy the artist is and when they’re checking their email but that’s still a huge bonus over scouring an entire gallery for someone to help you.

Reasons you have for purchasing art:

I’m sure it seems like the obvious thing but in truth many people overlook this point as their basis for buying art in the first place. You have to know WHY you are purchasing art in order to get the right piece. Think about it for a moment, are you buying a painting for someone you love, for your home, for the office decor or maybe as an investment piece? Or perhaps you want to start collecting artwork from a particular artist to build up a nice collection. Each reason I’ve shown you as well as others you might have in mind require a different outlook when you’re purchasing from the style of art, the subject matter to the most obvious- the price. Not too many people want to spend a few thousand on a painting they’re just going to hang up in their living room or hallway but on the other hand, if you’re wanting your first piece of art for investment reasons, you won’t want to pick up a 5 x 7 picture of a fruit salad in a plastic frame. Also, don’t just consider the piece you’re looking for but also the artist, their reputation as well in determining the price of the piece. Naturally, a very well-known artist who sells a lot of their work and is featured in many showings will charge more for their work than someone who’s just beginning in the art world.

What’s more important? The latest trends or Personal Taste?

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