Modern Oil Paintings

By Brian Murphy. Collecting Fun and Profit Blog.

I have been buying modern oil paintings for a show in my gallery. I have found many nice pieces. I found a painting called Village in winter in a private collection in Illinois. The artist was Fern Isabel Coppedge and she was an American. I liked the piece because of the snowy scene. It reminded me of my childhood.

While on a buying trip, I found Clouds Over Buckingham. This was a really nice modern oil painting that was in a private collection in Pennsylvania. I have seen work by this artist before and it always resells very well.

Buying modern oil paintings has taken me to various places across the United States. I especially liked Main Line, Pennsylvania. That is where I acquired Leaning Silo. The artist of Leaning Silo was Arthur Meltzer. I had been previously unfamiliar with him.

I enjoyed my trip to Long Island City. I was buying modern oil paintings and found one from a French artist named Georges Antoine Rochegrosse that I really liked. This painting was painted around 1900 and it was full of flowers. I really liked it and think it will do well in the show.

I find that I can buy modern oil paintings very efficiently on the internet. I found an art dealer in the United Kingdom that finds me some very nice items to show. Recently, he sent me a painting of a nude beauty by British artist Allan Douglas Davidson.

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2 Responses to Modern Oil Paintings

  1. tom says:

    i have been collecting mostly american oils, water colors, prints, numbered prints, prints, lith-o-graphs, pen and ink ,pencils, etchings, etchings on stone (old), charcoals, chalks and painting on glass and a few photos… My total collection numbers around (350) give or take some, mostly plus i think. the overall quality is in good to best shape. the collection varies from western , to indians(american), landscapes, some commercial type with a few foreign paintings. i am now thinking about what i should consider doing with them as i will be 68 the last of this year. comments welcome

    • Hi Tom, Good for you for having such a large collection.

      First you need to consider what your goal is for all of this artwork. Do you want to make money off your investments or do you want to leave a legacy to your heirs as a donation to an art museum, or do you want the public to be able to enjoy this collection? Once you have decided what your overall objective is for this collection you can begin doing some research.

      If your goal is to make money off your investment you will want to do some research on the artists that you have collected. Do you have multiple paintings/drawings/prints of on artist? I’d start researching the artist that you have collected the most work from. See my blog article about researching artists. If you’d like some help with this, send me an email at and I can help you to research the artists and determine the price of this work. I do charge a fee for this service and this fee can be negotiated depending on the amount of research you need done.

      If your desire is to leave a legacy and/or a donation to a museum then you need to start researching museums to determine where you’d like to donate your work. If you plan to leave the majority of the work to family members it would still be a good idea to have done research on the artists so that your heirs can have a “story” behind each piece of artwork.

      If you have more questions just let me know. Thanks WANDA

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