Catching Up with Artist, Wanda Pepin

Waves Gone Wild

Wanda Pepin, internationally collected professional artist, has been hard to catch up with lately. Since early May she has been traveling down the coast of California, east to Yosemite, down to the Grand Canyon and then east to New York. She is now settled into her studio in New York and painting furiously until she heads back to her studio, next fall, on the west coast.

The painting above is one that she has recently finished and she currently has a large studio full of more paintings  in the works. She reports that she is highly motivated to paint as her studio in New York is so conducive to painting. Her studio is surrounded by windows that look onto lovely Lake Champlain. There are also 4 skylights that let in even more light.  With all the windows and the skylights open she gets a nice soft breeze off the lake.

She will be revealing all of her paintings that she creates on her website at Keep an eye out for new works coming out soon.


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