Dennis Hopper and the LA ARt Scene

"Untitled (the Chevy Piece)," 1956, by Dennis Hopper. The work is part of the exhibition "Dennis Hopper Double Standard" at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, on display through Sept. 26. Source: LA Museum of Contemporary Art via Bloomberg

We reported in a article last week about Dennis Hopper’s impressive art collection going on auction and are pleased to announce an art show currently on display in the LA Museum of Contemporary Art. Here is an article on the show and on Dennis Hopper:

Source: Bloomberg, Christopher Palmeri,

Dennis Hopper, whose 55-year movie career included memorable performances in “Easy Rider,” “Apocalypse Now” and “Blue Velvet,” was also an accomplished, versatile artist. Yet few Americans have had a chance to see the late actor’s work — until now.

The first major Hopper retrospective at a U.S. museum is on display at Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art through Sept. 26. Titled “Dennis Hopper Double Standard,” the exhibition at MOCA’s warehouse-like Geffen Contemporary space is curated by artist Julian Schnabel, who was a friend of Hopper’s.

“You’re never a prophet in your own country,” Schnabel said during a press conference at the museum. “Dennis was a sponge and conduit for so many things.”

Hopper died of prostate cancer on May 29, six weeks before the show opened. He was 74.

The Hopper show moves to Pittsburgh’s Andy Warhol Museum this fall.

To read the entire article: Bloomberg, Wild Man’ Hopper Gets Posthumous Exhibition at L.A. Art Museum


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