Non-Profit Art Auctions

We have discussed before where and how to find artists whose work will increase in value, but today I want to highlight another great way to purchase valuable art at a bargain. Non-profit art auctions are a great way to donate to a good cause while adding to your art collection. Non-profit groups seek out artists whose artwork will have the greatest potential to sell, in order to bring in money for their foundation. So keep an eye out for non-profit art auctions or if you belong to a group that is trying to raise money think about possibly hosting one for your cause.

Here is a painting that I have donated to the Grooming Future World Leaders organization.

Tuscany Summer, 8x24 gallery wrap canvas

This painting will be auctioned off for Grooming Future World Leaders at their yearly summit. Here is information regarding the summit:

Where:  Sacramento State University (6000 J Street) Union Ballroom

When:   August 14, 2010

Time:    10am-3pm

Parking:  LOT 6  (will be free for registered guest)

Register:   online at   WWW.GroomingLeaders.Org (click on Sacramento Summit)

Donations are $10 online and $15 at the door!

Summit Theme:  Think Global


True Transformation       Dr. Beverly Swanson     (CEO/Founders of Sisters United Inc.)

Global Environment       Dr Dudley Barton          (Chair of the Dept of Environmental  Studies Dept at CSUS)

Global Health Issues      Katherine Brown-Forvot (HIV Programs Manager at Kaiser South Sacramento)

Global Careers              Theartris Ervin               (Intel Future Marketing Manager – Technology)

Global Careers              Sean Wells                    (Multi-Discipline Media Professional – George Lucas Films)

Beyond the Summit       Shirley Smith                 (Grooming Future World Leaders Inc- Founder)

Live Entertainment by Local Artist:

Rapper                         Brand-Smiff                  Songwriter and Producer

Singer                           Shynobe                       Music Producer and Singer

Dancer                          Regina Philip                 An Indian Dance

Dancer                          Fermina Camacho         An Island Dance

Poet                             Aaron Turley                  Poet and Song Writer

Rapper                         Jason Strom                 Songwriter

Singers                         Future                          Songwriters

Singer                           Chantel Robinson          Singer

Our song writers have written songs that pertain to the speakers topics.    This will be a fun evening for all.   Come and support our young adults.

Please register online at WWW.GroomingLeaders.Org click on Sacramento Summit!

Their Videos: and

Tuscany Summer Room View


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  1. Great idea! We will add it to our ideas list!


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