The Part Emotions Play in Purchasing Original Art

Maybe you have a background in art history or maybe you don’t, but you know what you like.  Original art is much better than a poster, print or art reproduction. Seeing an original up close and personal is so much better than a flat print that has no depth or texture.

When you are shopping for original art, whether online, at an art festival or in a gallery it is important to notice the mood the painting projects. What emotion do you feel when you look at it? You may find that a painting may influence your mood and that is important to know before you purchase it.

A painting that is dark, moody and a little depressing may be better for a less trafficked area of your home or office which requires that you go out of the way to look at it. You view it by choice not in your every day movements of the day.  Putting this same painting above your dining table where you see it every day would possibly bring you down and cause you to tire of it quickly. It is important to consider where you place your piece of art and helpful in deciding what piece to buy.


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  1. Picked up your blog post via google the other day and absolutely think its great. Keep up the truly great work.

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