Documenting Your Investment of Art

  • Artwork Details
    Document your artwork fully, be sure to include size, current condition, type of Artwork.
    Also, makes notes about any identifying numbers or markings on the artwork and make sure you know the correct title and date of the artwork. Note how it is framed and what’s the prominent subject matter of the art?
  • Photographs of Artwork
    Digital cameras work well, make sure to photograph from different angles.
  • Artwork Information and Records
    Keep in a safe place like a safe deposit box or in a separate building in case of fire.
    Other documentation to protect includes your bill of sale, artist statements, appraisals, articles about the artist, etc. should be together in a safe place.
  • Books about the Artist
    Purchase copies of all publications related to the artist.

About Art Collecting and Investment

Providing news about art collectors, collections and investments. Including the how to's, the why's and the where's of art collecting. Wanda Pepin, Christina Madden and Elaine Frenett are all professional artists who keep up on the world of art, while creating amazing works of art themselves.
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